Installing a drip system helps you save money on water because you are using less water with a drip system as opposed to if you manually water or had grass in the place of it. Also, the "fruits of your labor" are in abundance in your garden all throughout the year, saving you money rather than buying them at the store, especially ORGANIC produce.

Teach your children & grandchildren! 

Letting children experience planting and harvesting vegetables is a great way to get them to want to eat their vegetables.  It also shows them how things grow and the un-complicated simplicity of having nature supply their food.

Enjoy fresh  vegetables and fruits daily! 

Let us install a raised vegetable garden complete with a drip system.

It will save you money as well as provide the freshest possible produce for you and your family.

We live in Southern California where we can have fresh produce all year round. Why not take advantage of that?  Not to mention the convenience of always having fresh vegetables and fruit on hand doing away with another trip to the grocery store and possibly using gasoline to get there. Also, many fruits are imported and are not fresh.

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Vegetable Garden Installation